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From creating online hockey cards to mini JavaScript blockchains, I've developed and completed several different projects over my career. Some projects were developed with a team, and others were small, fun side projects to mess around in. Below is a small showcase of some of my recent and standout projects. Have a look! :)

I'm learning new frameworks, so stay tuned for future projects!

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The Pro Hockey Group

An online, queryable website that pulls information about hockey players from around the globe and displays it as an interactive hockey card.

This project started from the ground up. As the primary developer for this project, I developed and currently maintain the code that queries various APIs to sort and display data based on what player was queried.

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Mini JavaScript Blockchains


I started learning about cryptocurrencies and the technology they can provide to the world. This includes the different coins, smart contracts, proof of stake and proof of work, networks and how blockchains function.

This project was a small step into that world to better understand how blockchains work and how they’re immutable. This gave me a new found interest in the crypto world and the emerging Web3 environment.

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Learning ReactJS


With every year that passes, new technologies emerge that change the way the industry does things. ReactJS sure is one of them. This is where I started to learn about ReactJS.

Basics like understanding components, passing dynamic data with props, react router, helper and utility functions, state and much more. Outside of this project, I'm continuing to learn and practice ReactJS.

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Learning Angular


I started to take an interest in Angular after my workplace at the time wanted to become Google everything, including framework. Wanting to learn something new, I took the initiative and started to learn Angular.

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This project was first done as a technical test for a job interview but, after getting said job, turned into a more refined website to advertise to clients.

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Github Finder

This is a cool project that I first discovered through a favourite online educator. I followed his course, and this was one of the projects that we made along with his lessons and tests.

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50 Projects In 50 Days

This was a chance for me to practice and brush up on my JavaScript skills before I took a crack at ReactJS. It's simple - 50 projects in 50 days.

Every day I would watch enough to understand what the project was and what it was trying to achieve. I then attempted to create it with the knowledge and resources I had first and then watched the rest to learn more.